My name is Kestrel and I work and attend graduate school in Silicon Valley. I would say I am a bit of a Jill-of-all-trades, always excited by the challenge of learning and mastering new things. I contend that I am always learning, which only leads me to further strive for mastery.

    On this webpage you will find a variety of hopefully useful information to help you to get to know me better as an individual and contributor to both professional and academic spheres. This website contains my academic papers, a portfolio of professional work, my resume, methods to contact me, and links to where else you can find me on the web.

Vital Details

Academic & Professional Interests

    My main areas of interest academically and professionally include Speech Pathology, graphic design, linguistics, second-language acqusition, and supporting teaching and learning through technology.


    Outside of my work and academic interests, I pursue a number of hobbies. These include painting, organizing events and outings for friends and acquaintences, studying foreign languages, improving my technical expertise, amateur photography, hair accessory design, cooking (particularly unintentional fusion cuisine), and traveling the globe.